Day 18 – Old Friends are Like Gems

Lucky are those who have an old friend who picks up the telephone and instantly says how things have been going in her life and will also in a heartbeat, sincerely asks about the events in your own life. You  know she is an old friend when you burn the telephone lines for hours but without a single minute wasted. You know she knows you inside and out, that’s why when you cry and she just listens, you know you have the solution. You know that you can rely on her wisdom  – and you can bare your everything to her without the fear of being judged or being blamed.

Your old friend is a gem! She is one in a million!

Your old friend will always be there – even if you’ve gone separate ways and you have spoken for months!

Your old friend will let you scream, yell and even pee in your pants, because she understands how upset, disappointed or how ecstatic you are!

Your old friend cares and understands you; but most especially, she is there to remind you who you really are.

I am very lucky to have an old friend, who despite all the things that are happening around her, she still manages to cheer me up and listen to my worries, my doubts and my anxieties.

I am very lucky to have an old friend, who can tell me right in my face that I was wrong; that I should try even harder to understand the complexities in life.

I am very lucky to have an old friend, who can bravely declare that I need to do two things right now: a. to just let go and b. to do the best that I can with what I have.

I am very lucky – and so are you!

P.S. This post for my friend, Ms. Mica Cruz-Ungos. Muchas gracias!

– A. M. S.