Day 14 – Tell the Truth

One of the most liberating things anybody can do is to simply tell the truth. There is no such thing as carrying an excess baggage full of lies. Lies are too difficult to conceal yet so easy to reveal. Truth on the other hand, no matter how hard you try to hide it sooner or later it will come out, one way or the other. One of the oldest adage says that a light house can be seen at a farthest distance even on the darkest night. Same is true with truth – no matter how hard you try to keep it, it will come out no matter what.
Some people who have been living in a lie have been caught to be putting on more stressors in their lives; they have been more prone to incurable diseases or health problems; they’ve been known to be socially elusive to the point of isolation. However, once these same people have liberated themselves from the chains of lies, and truth be known – all of these were part of their history. They’ve embraced a new life! They’ve become a better person.
In our everyday lives, we must strive to use truth in our speech. This week I will start to talk impeccably and be very aware of the effect of my words to people.

– A. M. S.