Day 10 – Take a Nap

When we were little we used to always, always take a nap! It doesn’t matter what time in the afternoon, whether it’s 100 degrees outside with just one fan or pamaypay to keep us cool – as long as we rest our tired bodies, we’ll be fine. We were happier and more energized after a nap. We were ready to play and go out again after we rest. We became our old new selves.

Years after that, we stopped taking naps.

It’s now¬† even harder to sit down despite the fact that our bodies are calling us to rest. We do not listen to our bodies. We try to forget about how worn our bodies are. But because we continue to ignore our body signals, we get sick. We do not function well. We get cranky, then we start to yell, then we start to fight, we argue, we hurt other people, then forget about them. We become the monster that we didn’t want to be.

So, would nap be as important as becoming your innocent, childish, vibrant person you were?


Feel how this magic works again.

– A. M. S.