Day 8 – Keep Asking!

If you are desperate for something, just keep on asking, eventually you will get it. Sammy (my only brother) used to be very good at this skill when he was in high school.

Think about little kids like Tala on how good she is in asking me or Danny if she likes something. She’ll keep on asking and asking and asking us until we would say “YES!”. If at first, we would respond and say “NO” to her, she’ll repeat what she just said until Danny and I will finally give in to her request. This happens most of the times especially when we are at a store and she sees something that she likes. I would normally cave in on her first try and then she’ll go to Danny (doing the split-dance). When she thinks she’s not going to get it, she’ll repeat to Danny and eventually one of us will say, “Ok, fine!”

It’s like that in asking for any information; for getting to where you want to be…you have to be pro-active and be inquisitive to the extent na super makukulitan na sila sa iyo (that they feel like you are very very insistent). I know, I’ve done this when I first got my job in the public schools. Four years ago, when I didn’t know anybody in the public schools there was a vacancy in Randolph High School which at that time needed to be filled in right away. The problem with me was that  my license was still pending and I have to finish my 300 hours of internship of which they needed both. But, because I kept on calling and calling the Vice-Principal about how I really want the job and how I am really procuring my license as soon as I can, she finally said one day before the school year started that I got the job! A lot of people even up to now keep on asking me how I was able to get into the public school without anybody backing me up – and all I say is “I was being makulit (persistent)!”

And I still am – I do not feel embarrassed to ask any questions. And if I do not get the answer to my question, I will go to another person until I will have the ultimate answer to my question. It does not hurt to ask. To ask for a raise; to ask for a better seat in the bus; to ask for more food (dagdag) when shopping; to ask for a discount when buying a car or anything (tawad); to ask for whatever you want.

If at first you don’t get it, ask again. Then again and again – until you will worn out the other person, and then she’ll give you what you want!

So, ask anyway! Don’t be shy.

– A. M. S.