Day 7 – Celebrate small achievements!

Celebrate small achievements.

If you know you’ve worked hard for it, show it; feel it; know it and then take pride in it! Because if we do not know how to celebrate the small stuffs, how will be know how to celebrate when the real “big” stuffs will come around! This is a way of practising the feeling of “getting” there…getting to the ultimate achievement. Besides who has done the hard part: YOU! Who did all the running around? YOU! Who felt foolish and sometimes felt weird about what you’re doing? YOU! However, you believed in it. You believed in what you are doing – and you did it! It doesn’t matter sometimes what other people might think of what you are doing as long as you know you can, and you will achieve it! That’s why, once you get to where you’d want, it’s time to celebrate!
One of the things that will make a success have a ripple effect is to display any paraphernalia/form of achievement in an area where you can visibly see everyday, that will remind you that you are a GREAT SUCCESS EVERYDAY! That you are working hard towards what you want and you can do it …nobody will tell you everyday how great you are; how powerful you could be; and how successful you are except yourself – except the things that you’ve achieved like maybe a certificate from school – . Anything that will remind you that you are successful!

Tapos idi-display sa isang (Then display it in one of the) walls of the house that you see most of the time.
So, celebrate success even if as little as being able to use a pair of chopsticks!
Enjoy your weekend!

– A. M. S.