Day 5: “We can not, not communicate!”

Last Monday when I attended our school’s graduation our Principal Dr. W. C. opened his speech with that line and he explained that we can not resist communication in our daily lives. We communicate with the way we dress ourselves, the way we choose words, the way we swing our hands or move our eyebrows, squint our eyes, cross our legs and even going to work on time and regularly or being late! These are all forms of communication.
Eventhough we live in a century of information highway, where we feel that we have the right and access to immediate information, a lot of us hold our “communication” / our thoughts and expression of what is inside us, especially if we have hurt, have bad feelings or simply do not like another person. Instead of directly telling the person how we feel, we bottle our feelings up and wait, wait, and wait until we explode.

So, there it is: “We can not, not communicate!” (To translate it – “we can always communicate”)

– A. M. S.