Day 4 – Buy less, Consume Less

I’ll pull this up really quickly because I have been practicing this for a month. I think Aking will hate me for posting this and Aking you might have a different view to this one ngem this is my thought and feel free to disagree with me as strongly as you want. This is one of our weaknesses (specially as Moms and girls), I think particularly to Aking when we were in college. I know we love to buy things – it’s human nature. It’s consumerism. The economy won’t thrive without us, the buyers. We listen to the wonderful ads, we get carried away by the well-thought out punch lines of products and next thing we know, we are pulling out the plastic from our purse! But, one thing I realize as I have been cleaning out our basement (to get rid of junk) is that I actually do not need a lot of things to live. I mean look at the things that you regularly wear: clothes, accessories, shoes, make-up – and even the things you own at the house. What are these things? Are these your favorites? Now how about the “other” things that you do not really wear on a regular basis? What is happening to them? Nakatambak lang sila di ba? (They are just piled up, right?) Andun sa isang sulok (There in a corner). At ano pa ang ginagawa nila doon sa sulok? (And, what are they doing in that corner?) Is it taking space? If it is taking space, then it is clutter. Any form of clutter, can take away some of our energy and thoughts that you could be using to spend more valuable time on.

So, what I am trying to say is (gulp!): Before buying things, ask yourself this question first: will I be using this for at least 10 years?

If you say “YES” then go for it. If not, maybe you need to rethink about it and leave it on the shopping rack.

This goes as well for buying bigger things. One of the biggest mistakes we’ve (hubby and I) made is buying this place that we are in now with the idea that we will only stay here for 5 years. This year is our 5th – and yes, at that time we were only really planning to stay here for the first five years and then, we’ll get a bigger house. But look, the house we bought is not big enough for us to stay for even 10 more years. If only we asked that question…

The same thing happened with my current car – I knew I should have waited for another year until I bought my dream car (at that time – Saab), but we decided that we have to get an AWD (all-wheel-drive) right then and there. Now, I’ve been driving this Subaru for three years but everytime I drive it (although it is pretty reliable and drives smoothly), I have the feeling that I should have gotten what I really wanted, instead of what we think will be fine for “a few years”.

And if we have that mindset, we might be driving more to the bank to save more money.

– A. M. S.