Because I’ve started the challenge with  my siblings for the last ten days, I would like you to read  those “FB emails”  so that you will get a sense of the purpose of why I am starting this site. It will be labeled Day 1-10. You will see them coming through on this site in succession. What you will not see are the private exchanges that I have made with my siblings . You will actually see  the lines where I used Tagalog /Ilokano words but this time I will include the translations. You will still certainly get the original thought of the email, plus the mother-of-tongue expressions that I used.

For the upcoming posts, you will read a day-old inspiration note from me, which my siblings would have read by then. This will go on for the twenty more days. After that, there will be restructuring in my posts which will be geared towards daily inspirational stories, thoughts, ideas, etc.

I have made my commitmment of delivering a 30-day inspirational notes to my sibs, and I am sticking to that.

I am already on my Day 11 with them and I would like YOU to be a part of it.

I’d like YOU to read with us.

And perhaps, YOU would get inspired or maybe start thinking!

Stay tuned.

– A. M. S.