Day 2 – 100% Commitmment

Day 2: Honey (our youngest sister) said why not make it a year of writing some inspiring notes? I’d say 30 days muna (for now), because I want to put in my 100% commitment into this. Having a 100% commitment in everything you do, makes a whole different world. It is defnitely different from saying “I’m interested in doing this” versus doing it 100%. When you are 100% committed, you are doing it no matter what. No matter how busy you are, you are going to do it; it’s like getting into the habit of brushing your teeth – na (that), once you’ve commited to brushing your teeth before bedtime, you know that even if you are so tired, you would still have to get yourself up, drag yourself to the bathroom and do your teeth brushing. If not, you know that your day is not yet over without doing it.

It’s the same thing with pursuing your dreams and whatever your wants are. NO MATTER WHAT (happens, will happen or has happened) you’ve got to have to do it! You have got to do it! Because it will not feel right. You will not feel right.

I remember when we were in college and the fad was to have braces on, and I know there is no way we could afford to have them on, but because I wanted to look like “sosyal”  (preppy/ellite)I have to have it. So, ano’ng ginawa ko (what did I do)? I worked and worked part-time even if it meant going home at 11:00 PM or midnight – or taking the jeepney to Manang  (a term of endearmet to somebody who is older – but she was actually our orthodontist)Aileen’s office to pay the monthly installment and having the rubber on my braces removed and cleaned. Was that a commitmment? Sure was – especially to somebody who really did not have anything back then.


Ok – til tomorrow!

– A. M. S.