Day 1 – Write your dreams

I thought I’d try to connect with you EVERYDAY through FB. I feel like, since I am on FB almost everyday that shooting you an email might help us get to know each other more as siblings. Matagal na rin (It has been a while) since we have not seen each other or even have tried to connect….so since, wala na akong (I do not have) a lot commitments to my schooling and my school year is almost over, I would like to COMMIT one month of sending you some inspiring thoughts that I also have learned and have been learning.

So, aytoy (here)..

Day 1: If you have dreams, write them down. Don’t let them get away from you by just thinking that you want this and that – but rather, capture them and jot them down.

I remember idi high school ak agday-diary ak (when I was in high school I was writing diaries). In fact, I used adiay papemelroti nga journal  (the Papemelroti journal – a long-standing Filipino stationery/paper company) which I would like to figure nu adda da pay idiay balay agitoy nga journal (if I still have those diaries at the house) and I know one of my dreams before ket (is) to graduate at the top of my college and deliver my speech ta mandiak nga nakapag-speech idi high school graduation ko (because I didn’t get a chance to deliver my speech during my high school graduation). And you know what happened!

I recently started a journal again and we’ll see how it goes. Ngem kunada (But people say) if you have dreams they have to be very specific, which you should include (what, when you would like to achieve it and how you would like to get it).

Ok…that’s it for now.

Write them down.

A. M. S.