Exactly ten days ago, while I was on Facebook I started to think that I am constantly on this website to look at other people’s pictures and to know their business. I basically have become an FB rat! Then, I began to think about my family in the Philippines whom I haven’t seen in seven years, which ironically see them all the time on FB! It has been a long time  since I last had a great conversation with my siblings and I truly miss that! I surely thought, “hmm…maybe instead of wasting my time on FB, I can utilize this tool by sending just a quick note to my sisters and brother to see how they have been – besides, I have to get to know them. It’s been a while.”

So, the a-ha moment went just like that!

In a snap, I sent my first email. The email that I sent was my current thought at that time, which I was dying to share to the people who are dear to me. Of course, I shared to my husband and he graciously answered them all. But I wanted more people to read it or hear it. So, I hit the mail button and started typing all my siblings name on the recipients line: Rachel, Yedelilah, Sammy and Honey. Then, after sending that – I had another thing to say – then, all of these inspiring stories, lessons I’ve learned, read, heard started to come back to me. The feeling I had that moment was surreal. Maybe even weird. I felt natural with the idea of writing and inspring people.

The challenge for me was to make a 30-day commitmment of emailing them without the expectation of getting a reply back (although, there has been healthy discussions).

Ten days later – I am true to my commitmment but this time, I want to include any individuals who would like to get to know themselves and be successful! Thus, the birth of this site.

Prior to that light bulb coming on, I have always wanted to share what I have read, experienced and realized to a broader audience. I wanted to inspire and make other people think about who they are and what they can be. I wanted to truly experience what life really means despite the many pursuits that we are trying to chase. I wanted to really share my purpose in life to you – and to the world.

I want YOU all to aspire; be motivated and succeed while at the same time, doing myself a favor – of releasing these ideas towards YOU!

And, please would you tell me – if you have felt your aspirations, your motivations and your success in your face? I will be waiting for your stories.

– A. M. S.