Reflections: 4 Essential Questions that will Jumpstart your Way to Success

The problem with a lot of busy people is that they do  not know when to stop. They are always looking for something to do and they would not know how to be still. When they become still for just a moment, they begin to wander off creating more things to do; thinking of what else they have to do. Once they found themselves with a  little bit of downtime they look for other things to do just to get going. They have not learned how to stop and be still. It is as if they were programmed to be more, to do more. It is as if their source of accomplishment is filling up their calendars hour-by-hour with non-essential tasks called ‘busywork’. For them, it is as if there is no tomorrow.


I know this very well because that was what I thought being successful was all about.


Until I realized that it really isn’t.


I have observed that during the days when I go on long weekends, take a few hours down by the beach or simply when I just lounge around in the house or take a refreshing walk, I simply get to think better ideas or find solutions to questions I have.  I get to be more productive and more motivated after I felt a sense of relaxation. Clarity of my mind is at its peak after a power nap or a good night sleep.


These are the times when I can say I stop and just be.


These are also critical times in producing bigger thoughts that will propel you to more success.


Contrary to what many may believe, successful people are not always busy nor they only get four hours of sleep. The truth is, the very successful people take time to play, to stop, to reflect and also to go to sleep.


As you start your way to success, take time to reflect and ask these essential questions:

1.    How do I see myself now?

As you think of yourself right now, think about the feedback you’ve received from people around you lately. Think about both the negative and the positive characteristics you’ve heard about you. Be realistic and take a good inventory of the qualities you have.

2.    What has made me successful in the past?

Think of one event in your life that you felt successful. Go back to that time and review the sequence of events. Think about the people who have helped you become successful. Think about the strategies you have employed. What did you do? What did you do differently that has made you successful? Think about the feelings this event has impacted you throughout your life. Hold on to this success. Do not let go. You will need this memory as we move forward in this program.

3.    What is important to me?

Is it money, fame, power, family or time? Is it all of the above? Ask yourself truly, what is the most important thing to live? If you die right now, how would you like to be remembered? Is it being rich, popular, influential or is it being a good family man? Once you identify the most important thing to you – start to evaluate how much of your time and effort do you allow yourself to be around this particular category. Are you putting in enough effort and time? Does this ‘thing’ truly make you happy?

4.    What is my ideal future self?

Fast forward 20 years from now. Think about an ideal day in your future self. Create your perfect future in your mind starting with where you will be waking up; what will you be wearing? Who will you be with? As you think of your future self – create in your mind the most beautiful image you could ever imagine that you would like to have, to do and be in your ideal self.




A year ago, I have written 365 reflection questions that will help you discover your remarkable self. These questions helped me define what I would like to do, to be and to have. These questions also helped me eliminate all the non-essential activities and helped me focus only on what is truly important. These questions have also opened my eyes to my authentic self and since then have helped me become a lot more decisive in how I spend my days – and how I choose when to be still.


These questions will be revealed throughout this program – so be patient J


For now, those four questions above should help you jumpstart where you want to be; what you want to do and what you want to have in order to be successful.


Don’t worry – if you are too busy fooling around with busywork – stop right now. Going through those questions will only take a few minutes – if you allow yourself to be in complete surrender. Before you know it, it is over.


Because until you know your own self or until you find the time to ask yourself you will never ever know where you are headed.


Enjoy the rest of your week!