What you need to do to improve your success rate at work

You see many people think that the more hours they work, the better their chances that their boss will like them and the better their performance evaluation report will be, the better their salary increase will be and the more that they will look good. Many people think that working long hours equate to more money, more things to buy and many more friends who will admire them for their lifestyle – but that is a myth.


In fact, tell me a person who spends all his waking time at work and I will tell you who is the grumpiest man alive!


Studies show that more and more people especially Americans are taking less and less time away from work and spending more and more hours at work! Workloads and demands are occupying the workplace and are being dumped on the employees. Company requirements increase the already elevated responsibilities of most regular employees thus creating the unbreakable challenge of massive workload. Thus, the reason why more and more people are spending more time at work than anywhere else.


But what companies do not know is that when a company begins to take on too much and expectations become unbearable and then dumps everything on its employees, the employees start to become overworked (meaning more hours exhausted at work). The employee, who by no fault of his own wants to keep his job and assure his boss that he is responsible and valuable to the company, the employee puts in more hours of work (that he can usually take) in order to meet the company’s (or the boss) expectations. Often this results to the employee’s lackluster performance; the employee produces less stellar outcomes; then the organization begins to fall down – and all because employees and organizations are guided by the wrong concept of increasing success rate at work.


In parts of Europe, employees are only allowed to work a maximum of 6 hours per day giving each citizen the optimum time to spend on the things he loves the most on a daily. In Finland, their employees take an average of 40 days  per year of vacation time – no wonder Finland has the fasted growth rate per capita and one of the happiest places to live.


So the next time you want to grow your success rate at work, do not impress your boss with working more overtime – instead, take more time off. Take more time away from work and you will know why taking more vacation means increasing your success rate work effectively.


Simple Step to Success: If you want to grow your success rate at work, do not impress your boss with working more overtime – instead, take more time off.