Lead yourself first

It all starts from within you.


Not outside of you.


You are not going to be remarkable if you let other people run over you or worse, run all over you.


I remember a school leader who let “others” run over him and it was not a great situation.


In fact, it was a bad situation.


There’s a reason why leaders are called to be ‘leaders’: they know how to lead. They can take the bull by the horn and drive the bull to where it needs to be.


But leaders can not lead without having to lead themselves first.


Because true leadership has to start from within; from one’s self;


  • which means knowing one’s morals and values,
  • stamping integrity and honor in every work done
  • being connected to God or higher-being
  • knowing how to balance personal and professional lives
  • knowing when to laugh and when to take things seriously


If you do not know how to lead yourself, you won’t know exactly where you want to go or what to do.


Worse, you really won’t know how to lead your organization.


Think about that!