When You are the Sun

If you were born to be the sun, you will always rise.


On days when the rain just overshadows your light, you tend to bend low.


On days when the shrubs become trees and the branches of the trees overcrowd you, you slowly get up.


You try to move carefully not to disrupt the growth of others.


You are respectful.


You try to move up on your own – carefully, yet thoughtfully.


Making sure you are not stepping someone’s boundaries.


Because after all you were born to be the sun.


And you know you were born to shine the world.


But earth and its many splendor try as it might to cover you from rising – you remain powerful.


You remain diligent and you push.


You push through and through.


Until your rays can no longer be hidden from the vast sky.


Until your light can no longer be covered from the clouds.


You are the sun – so no matter what hinders your beauty.


You still go up, you rise, you shine.


You are after all born to light up the world.